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Everything is Untested Until You Test It

Teacher tenure is a hot topic in California these days thanks to the Vergara trial, so it was newsworthy when the San Jose chapter of the California Teachers Association asked the State Board of Education for a waiver from state law extending the probationary period for some teachers using a system of peer review. They didn’t get it: […]

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TWIE: There Is No Teacher Pension (or Ed Reform) Free Lunch

Back in September I put a piece up at This Week in Ed about teacher pension reform: In other words McGee and Winters are proposing sacrificing educators’ retirement security to achieve a system that is in some respects more fair and – perhaps – educationally more efficient. So there is no “free lunch” here; the […]

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TWIE: Three More Thoughts On The LA StudentsFirst Forum

I wrote last week about the StudentsFirst “teacher forum” in downtown LA: 1. The event was well-attended. I was told the venue had 270 seats, and they appeared to be all full or almost full. An RSVP did not guarantee you a seat, and I’m not sure if anybody was turned away. There were some […]

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