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TWIE: New TfA Study Makes Ed Schools Look Bad

My Monday post at This Week in Ed was unsurprisingly controversial despite reaching the pretty obvious conclusion about Teach for America corps member effectiveness: So it’s not so much that this new study makes TfA look good, it’s that it makes schools of education and traditional teacher certification look bad. After all, we as a […]

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TWIE: Three More Thoughts On The LA StudentsFirst Forum

I wrote last week about the StudentsFirst “teacher forum” in downtown LA: 1. The event was well-attended. I was told the venue had 270 seats, and they appeared to be all full or almost full. An RSVP did not guarantee you a seat, and I’m not sure if anybody was turned away. There were some […]

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TWIE: Twitter Narcissism (and Twitter Incompetence)

Friday’s post at This Week in Education was a defense of heavy Twitter use: Jay Greene had already established himself as one of the judgiest Twitter observers before publishing his second(!) Twitter “narcissism” index last month. The underlying problem with his analyses is that the frequency with which somebody tweets – whether it offends him or not – doesn’t […]

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TWIE: Why I’m Teaching At A Charter School

I had a post up at This Week in Education last week about why I’m now teaching at a charter school. The bottom line is a little anticlimactic: In other words, I’m working at a charter school because it was – by quite a wide margin – the first school that really appealed to me […]

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Three Cheers for the NCES

Coming off of last week’s post about high school graduation rates, I’ve got a more detailed (with graphs and everything) post up at This Week In Education. The basic idea, again, is that over the last 40 years we’ve not only seen graduation rates increase substantially, we’re also seeing significantly higher achievement (at least according to […]

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Two Questions For Every Education Reform

Last week I wrote a post for This Week in Education arguing that Bill Gates’ plan for a video camera in every classroom is probably misguided in that it attempts to solve a supply problem with a demand solution. It’s already easy for teachers and administrators to get video cameras, so it looks like the […]

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There’s No “Conservative Case” For The CCSS

I’ve got a new post up at TWIE today arguing that Chester Finn is probably wasting his time trying to make the “conservative case” for the Common Core State Standards. The basic problem seems to be that Finn assumes that when considering a policy option conservatives should care first and foremost about the merits of […]

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