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There Is Probably No “Crisis” In American Education

Here is a chart of educational attainment in the United States since 1940: When you look at that chart, do you see a crisis? No? Me neither. How about in these charts of reading and math achievement on the NAEP for 17-year-olds, broken down by race? Still hard to see a crisis, at least to […]

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Teacher Autonomy by State (and Salary)

As I mentioned before, the Center for American Progress just put out a report¬†finding that teachers today still seem to feel very autonomous even in this era of accountability and reform. Exactly how autonomous they feel varies depending on which aspect of the job you’re asking them about. So, for example, about 58% of teachers […]

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Teacher Salaries and Earnings for College Graduates

On Monday I posted this chart comparing average (mean) teacher salaries with median household income in each state. I think that’s an interesting chart because it provides some sense for how a teacher’s salary looks in the context of a state’s overall level of wealth. But that comparison doesn’t tell us everything we might want […]

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Teacher Salaries and Household Income By State

Via Valerie Strauss, here’s an interactive map of average teacher salaries by state. It’s sort of fun to play with, but the problem is that “average teacher salary by state” is actually not all that meaningful when states can be very different from each other. Virginia and Arizona, for example, have almost identical (average) teacher […]

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