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TWIE: Why I’m Teaching At A Charter School

I had a post up at This Week in Education last week about why I’m now teaching at a charter school. The bottom line is a little anticlimactic: In other words, I’m working at a charter school because it was – by quite a wide margin – the first school that really appealed to me […]

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Why Ask KIPP About How To Retain Teachers?

Over at the TNTP Blog, they ask KIPP’s Jen Keyte what the country’s largest charter school network is doing to retain its “irreplaceable” teachers. In my view, there are many things that KIPP schools do admirably well. Teacher retention isn’t one of those things. By their own accounting, KIPP schools lose their teachers at about […]

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KIPP Schools Have Very High Teacher Turnover

I see that KIPP is out with its annual report card about…itself. (It’s an easy idea to mock, and I wouldn’t take their self-analysis as gospel, but good for them for making the effort.) I haven’t read it all the way through, but something that jumped out at me immediately was the chart you see […]

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