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The Common Core Will Not Double The Dropout Rate

John Thompson, citing a report from the Carnegie Corporation and doubling down here, claims that the Common Core standards are going to cause the high school dropout rate to double. So, it is doubly important that Carnegie commissioned McKinsey to use the reformers’ data “to test whether or not it might be possible to avoid large drops in […]

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Are the Common Core Standards Voluntary?

Did states adopt the Common Core standards voluntarily, or were they forced to do so by the federal government? I’m not sure why we would think the answer to that question matters very much. If adopting the CCSS would be good for a state, then their adoption by that state would be good. If adopting the […]

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Some Advice for Common Core Supporters

Yesterday at TWIE I gave CCSS supporters a hard time for seeming to give up the affirmative case for the new standards: These days supporters seem to dedicate most of their time to assuring us that the CCSS are not to blame for “fuzzy” math curriculua or “whole language” or questionable history assignments. We are even told that it’s just as […]

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Good Standards Should Specify What Kids Are Supposed To Learn

In a footnote at the end of this post summarizing the weaknesses of the Next Generation Science Standards, Checker Finn and Kathleen Porter-Magee write:  The NGSS team says it will be releasing another appendix—there are already a dozen!—that will discuss college and career readiness. For now, we must assume that what’s actually in—and missing from—NGSS […]

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What Does The Fordham Institute Think “Conservatism” Is?

Via Twitter, Fordham’s Michelle Gininger asks if this editorial in the Columbus Dispatch convinces me that there’s a “conservative case” for the Common Core State Standards. It does not. As I said before, a “conservative case” for the CCSS needs to appeal specifically to conservative philosophical concerns. That is, a “conservative case” for the Common Core […]

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Good Comment On My NGSS Op-Ed

I was very pleased with how my anti-NGSS piece turned out over at EdSource, but there were definitely issues I could have explored further. I was therefore especially glad of this comment from a reader: Now that the NGSS has been integrated with the Common Core, there is something VERY interesting and concerning. The “evidence” […]

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There’s No “Conservative Case” For The CCSS

I’ve got a new post up at TWIE today arguing that Chester Finn is probably wasting his time trying to make the “conservative case” for the Common Core State Standards. The basic problem seems to be that Finn assumes that when considering a policy option conservatives should care first and foremost about the merits of […]

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