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California’s Teacher Supply in 15 Charts

If you follow me on Twitter you probably know that I’ve been sifting through many years of reports from the California Department of Education and the Commission on Teacher Credentialing to learn about California’s supply of teachers. Since I’ve been generating a number of charts, I thought I’d put them all together in one place. First, for […]

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The importance of the teacher supply to education reform

This piece originally appeared on the Brookings Institution’s Chalkboard Blog. Many contemporary education reform efforts attempt to leverage teacher evaluation policy to improve teacher quality, by making the evaluation process more rigorous or by tying results more directly to student learning outcomes, for example. By increasing the demand for high-quality teaching and teachers, these reforms […]

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My Twitter Reactions to the Vergara Ruling

We are already being inundated with analyses of what yesterday’s Vergara ruling “means”, so rather than write up yet another one I just compiled my thoughts from Twitter: [View the story “My Twitter Reactions to #Vergara” on Storify]

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Everything is Untested Until You Test It

Teacher tenure is a hot topic in California these days thanks to the Vergara trial, so it was newsworthy when the San Jose chapter of the California Teachers Association asked the State Board of Education for a waiver from state law extending the probationary period for some teachers using a system of peer review. They didn’t get it: […]

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How Should Science Content Be Organized Across Grade Levels?

In California middle schools students currently learn “earth science” in 6th grade, “life science” in 7th grade, and “physical science” in 8th grade. California’s proposed adoption plan for the Next Generation Science Standards rearranges that sequence in some peculiar ways. Under the proposal, for example, rather than 8th graders being taught a combination of physics, […]

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California Postpones NGSS Adoption For Two Months

The California State Board of Education considered adopting the Next Generation Science Standards yesterday and…decided to wait to vote on them until their September meeting. I’d like to think that’s because state education leaders are beginning to have second thoughts about the new standards, but that does not appear to be the case: The reasons: To […]

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