Peer-Reviewed Publications

Bruno, P. (forthcoming). Charter School Competition and District Finances: Evidence from California. Journal of Education Finance. (working paper) (infographic)

Working Papers

Bruno, P. & Strunk, K. O. Making the Cut: The Effectiveness of Teacher Screening and Hiring in the Los Angeles Unified School District. (link)

Bruno, P., Rabovsky, S. J., & Strunk, K. O. Taking Their First Steps: The Distribution of new Teachers into Classroom and School Contexts and Implications for Teacher Effectiveness and Growth. (link)

Policy Briefs and Technical Reports

Bruno, P. (2019). The Challenges of Health and Welfare Benefit Costs for California Districts. Policy Analysis for California Education. Stanford, CA. (link) (commentary)

Bruno, P. (2018). District Dollars 2: California School District Finances, 2004-5 through 2016-17. Getting Down to Facts II. Stanford, CA. (link)

Strunk, K. O., Marsh, J., & Bruno, P. (2017). An Effective Teacher for Every Student: Developing a Research Agenda to Further Policy Change. Policy Analysis for California Education. (link)