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California’s Teacher Supply in 15 Charts

If you follow me on Twitter you probably know that I’ve been sifting through many years of reports from the California Department of Education and the Commission on Teacher Credentialing to learn about California’s supply of teachers. Since I’ve been generating a number of charts, I thought I’d put them all together in one place. First, for […]

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More on the Importance of the Teacher Supply

Last week the Brookings Institution’s Chalkboard blog published a piece of mine on the importance of the teacher supply to education reform. It’s really an elaboration of a point I’ve made at various times in the past, with California as an illustrative example: [M]any teacher evaluation reform efforts may be focused too heavily on the demand […]

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We Need MANY More Teachers than Doctors or Lawyers

It was a little surprising to see the AFT take a stand against the edTPA teacher licensing test given President Randi Weingarten’s support for similar “bar exams” for teachers, and it got me thinking about “professionalizing” teaching in general. That teaching needs to be “professionalized” is a mostly-platitudinous claim, but you often hear from both sides in […]

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TWIE: New TfA Study Makes Ed Schools Look Bad

My Monday post at This Week in Ed was unsurprisingly controversial despite reaching the pretty obvious conclusion about Teach for America corps member effectiveness: So it’s not so much that this new study makes TfA look good, it’s that it makes schools of education and traditional teacher certification look bad. After all, we as a […]

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Outcome Measures Are What You Get When You Don’t Have Best Practices

Stephen Sawchuk reports that everybody involved – including the unions – is ready to sign off on the inclusion of student learning outcome measures (e.g., VAM) in new accreditation standards for teacher preparation programs. The language itself is a little squishy about exactly which measures should be used, but it’s not surprising that this is […]

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Why Are Some Credentialing Programs More Racially Diverse Than Others?

Dick Startz points out that while new draft accreditation standards for teacher training programs require higher average SAT scores from students, this won’t necessarily exclude more black and Hispanic students (who tend to have lower SAT scores) because credentialing programs can always admit additional higher-scoring students to raise their cohort average. The new accreditation standards […]

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