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More Evidence of the Trouble with ‘Student-Centered’ Teaching

I’ve long had many related-but-separate complaints about ‘student-centered’ teaching practices. A new study in Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis lends new evidence to several of them. (You can also check out good write-ups from Sarah Sparks and Bettina Chang.) The authors used data on a large number of first grade students to see what strategies their teachers […]

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Explained Variation Is Not A Measure of Importance

Back in early April the American Statistical Association put out a “Statement on Using Value-Added Models for Educational Assessment“. Last month, Raj Chetty, John Friedman, and Jonah Rockoff issued a response, in part because so many commentators seemed to misunderstand the ASA statement and in part because the ASA seemed not to have incorporated some […]

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My Twitter Reactions to the Vergara Ruling

We are already being inundated with analyses of what yesterday’s Vergara ruling “means”, so rather than write up yet another one I just compiled my thoughts from Twitter: [View the story “My Twitter Reactions to #Vergara” on Storify]

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There Is Probably No “Crisis” In American Education

Here is a chart of educational attainment in the United States since 1940: When you look at that chart, do you see a crisis? No? Me neither. How about in these charts of reading and math achievement on the NAEP for 17-year-olds, broken down by race? Still hard to see a crisis, at least to […]

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Are the Common Core Standards Voluntary?

Did states adopt the Common Core standards voluntarily, or were they forced to do so by the federal government? I’m not sure why we would think the answer to that question matters very much. If adopting the CCSS would be good for a state, then their adoption by that state would be good. If adopting the […]

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