After watching the trailer for Scarlett Johansson’s new action flick last week, Marc Porter Magee and I agreed that the movie seemed perfectly acceptable until Morgan Freeman intoned that “most human beings only use 10% of their brain’s capacity”. I’m pretty forgiving when it comes to contrived movie gimmicks, but as an explanation for the main character’s superhuman abilities that’s just too goofy to swallow.1

The movie’s use of the “10%” myth got me thinking, however, of other education-related misconceptions that might make for good movie pitches, so I threw a bunch up on Twitter over the weekend. A few that I was especially pleased with:

There were also several good submissions from others:

You can check out all of them here. By all means, let me know if you think up new ones.

  1. I was particularly optimistic about this new movie because director Luc Besson has made some very good action/thrillers, including The ProfessionalThe Fifth Element, and La Femme Nikita. []
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