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Musical Interlude – They Might Be Giants – Road Movie To Berlin

De La Soul may have made catalog available to download for free, but TMBG really pioneered distributing music online. This appreciation of “Birdhouse in Your Soul” reminded me that Flood, like many of their albums, has held up much better than other releases of its era.

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Me on BAM Radio on Teacher Turnover

I made a brief appearance on Larry Ferlazzo’s BAM! Radio show to talk more about an upcoming piece about why teachers leave high-poverty urban schools. Time was short, so I thought I’d collect here, in one place, many of the interesting data points I came across while thinking about the subject. The best starting place for questions […]

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Musical Interlude – Randy Newman – Louisiana 1927

There’s a new documentary out about the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927. I also just finished watching Treme and was listening to Good Old Boys the other day:

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Teacher Autonomy by State (and Salary)

As I mentioned before, the Center for American Progress just put out a report finding that teachers today still seem to feel very autonomous even in this era of accountability and reform. Exactly how autonomous they feel varies depending on which aspect of the job you’re asking them about. So, for example, about 58% of teachers […]

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Musical Interlude – Pixies – I Can’t Forget

Yesterday I tried to convince Kevin Ferguson that there are, in fact, some very good tribute albums. Two of them are tributes to Leonard Cohen including I’m Your Fan, where the Pixies do the right thing for this song by substituting a dose of derangement for the original’s bit of senility.

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