My Talk to the SCAAPT

The Southern California chapter of the American Association of Physics Teachers asked me to give a brief talk about the Next Generation Science Standards at their Fall meeting yesterday. You can see my slides here, although they’re pretty bare-bones and most of what I had to say I’ve said in more detail elsewhere (e.g., here). I also added a bit about the need to flesh out the NGSS – and fill in their considerable gaps – through the eventual assessments and California’s science framework revision, but time was short and I got more questions and comments than I had budgeted time for.

Overall I was surprised at how positively the talk was received. There seem to be a sizable number of people who aren’t happy with the new standards but who aren’t comfortable speaking up about them, either, and I think it can be validating to hear someone else stand up and articulate something you’ve been feeling.

There were lots of interesting talks over the course of the day, including information about the Trash for Teaching program and educator resources from JPL. I also somehow managed to win an infrared thermometer by guessing the fraction of a house’s mass represented by paint.

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    That’s cool you were invited to speak. Congrats.

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