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Musical Interlude – Steely Dan – Black Friday

“Gonna dig myself a hole” and “lay down in it” just about captures how I feel about the prospect of going shopping on Black Friday.

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Musical Interlude – Lou Reed – The Day John Kennedy Died

Another Reed tune that seems relevant this week.

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Musical Interlude – R.E.M. – What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?

Parks & Recreation recently gave R.E.M.’s badly-underrated album Monster a cameo. This song was sort of inspired by Dan Rather.

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My Talk to the SCAAPT

The Southern California chapter of the American Association of Physics Teachers asked me to give a brief talk about the Next Generation Science Standards at their Fall meeting yesterday. You can see my slides here, although they’re pretty bare-bones and most of what I had to say I’ve said in more detail elsewhere (e.g., here). […]

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Musical Interlude – Lou Reed – Average Guy

Lou Reed is famous mostly for work that he did in the 60’s and early 70’s, but his best album is actually 1982’s The Blue Mask. He also has a genus of spiders named after him. They’re “velvet” spiders that live underground.

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Musical Interlude – Moon Hooch – Cattle Dance Party

Last weekend’s They Might Be Giants show was great. Their opening act was also very good: a dance music three-piece consisting entirely of drums and two saxophones. Here they are scaring some cows.

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