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Musical Interlude – Jerry Lee Lewis – Mean Old Man

Today is Jerry Lee Lewis’ birthday. He was releasing singles as recently as 2009.

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Teachers Definitely Get Summers Off. And That’s OK.

As my long, leisurely summer vacation was coming to an end, I came home to a bunch of claims that teachers do not really get long, leisurely summer vacations. For example, here’s high school teacher Brittany Clark: Every educator has listened to a non-teaching friend lament the fact that they don’t get the summers off; […]

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Musical Interlude – Neko Case – Maybe Sparrow

Stumbled on an old Neko Case album I didn’t remember owning this week. Here’s a somewhat-less-old track.

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TWIE: New TfA Study Makes Ed Schools Look Bad

My Monday post at This Week in Ed was unsurprisingly controversial despite reaching the pretty obvious conclusion about Teach for America corps member effectiveness: So it’s not so much that this new study makes TfA look good, it’s that it makes schools of education and traditional teacher certification look bad. After all, we as a […]

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Myths Matter Mostly at the Margin

Periodically, when somebody tries to confront an educational myth or misconception, they are rebuffed with the claim that they are attacking a straw man and that nobody really holds the false belief in question. So, for example, we are told that nobody really believes that “students don’t need knowledge because they can always Google information if necessary” […]

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TWIE: Three More Thoughts On The LA StudentsFirst Forum

I wrote last week about the StudentsFirst “teacher forum” in downtown LA: 1. The event was well-attended. I was told the venue had 270 seats, and they appeared to be all full or almost full. An RSVP did not guarantee you a seat, and I’m not sure if anybody was turned away. There were some […]

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Musical Interlude – Elvis Costello & The Beastie Boys – Radio, Radio

Elvis Costello teamed up with The Roots recently and apparently the results are not terrible. Here he is back in 1999 with The Beastie Boys.

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TWIE: Twitter Narcissism (and Twitter Incompetence)

Friday’s post at This Week in Education was a defense of heavy Twitter use: Jay Greene had already established himself as one of the judgiest Twitter observers before publishing his second(!) Twitter “narcissism” index last month. The underlying problem with his analyses is that the frequency with which somebody tweets – whether it offends him or not – doesn’t […]

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Once More, With Feeling: “Student-Centered” Doesn’t Mean Anything

One of my favorite things I’ve ever written was my post at the end of 2012 about “meaningless education phrases”. A strong contender for the top spot on that list was “student-centered”, and this video captures the reasons perfectly: Ostensibly, the point of the video is to answer the question “What is student-centered learning?”, but […]

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TWIE: Why I’m Teaching At A Charter School

I had a post up at This Week in Education last week about why I’m now teaching at a charter school. The bottom line is a little anticlimactic: In other words, I’m working at a charter school because it was – by quite a wide margin – the first school that really appealed to me […]

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