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Musical Interlude – Fiona Apple – Paper Bag

Dave Chappelle’s walking-off-the-stage-in-protest on Thursday seems to have overshadowed the fact that Fiona Apple did the same thing, just in a different time zone. This is not a video of that.

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No True Scotsman Supports Education Reform

It turns out that many large civil rights groups support NCLB-type education reform. This is a little bit awkward for progressive critics of NCLB-type education reform because progressives and civil rights groups are usually thought of as being “on the same team” and in most other contexts progressive education reform critics would consider civil rights […]

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A Petition Against Integrating The Middle School Sciences

Middle school science teacher Emily Williams has a petition expressing opposition to the proposed “integration” of the middle school sciences in California. Her concerns are similar to my own. Since the last standards were adopted 15 years ago science teachers have been building their expertise and honing their craft to teach science with a focus […]

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Why Do People Support The Next Generation Science Standards?

I’ve been pretty hard on the Next Generation Science Standards. So if I’m right about their middling quality, why do they have such enthusiastic supporters? Interestingly, NGSS defenders will often concede – e.g., here – that the proposed standards are not as clear as they should be. This is always puzzling to me, because clearly […]

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Musical Interlude – Steely Dan – My Old School

Somehow talked the wife into going to see Steely Dan at the Nokia Theatre last night. By a stroke of incredible luck the venue “relocated” us from some of the worst seats in the house to some of the best after the opening act. I was also pleasantly surprised that they opened by playing through all […]

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Are People Weirdly Obsessed With Teachers?

I like education research. I think it’s interesting and important. Sometimes, though, there is an obsession with teachers and teaching that I find…strange.  For example, why is this a research paper? The process of teaching is not selfless, as some suggest. Rather, in its best manifestations it is an ideologically and culturally loaded activity in […]

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Musical Interlude – Death – Keep On Knocking

Just watched A Band Called Death. Here’s Death some 30 years on still sounding pretty good. Bonus points for the stretchy pants.

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Musical Interlude – Daft Punk – Around The World

I enjoyed watching Stephen Colbert’s recent takedown and think their new stuff is fine, but Daft Punk’s older stuff is better.

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My Letter To The State Board of Education Regarding NGSS Adoption And Implementation

Things have been a little hectic for me recently as summer vacation rapidly comes to a close and the new school year rapidly approaches, but I did set aside a little (I’d hoped) time today draft a letter to the California State Board of Education about the Next Generation Science Standards and the proposed middle school […]

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Musical Interlude – The Call – Let The Day Begin

Heading back home from the Monterey Bay area. Here’s Santa Cruz’s The Call playing…for some reason…in a…redwood forest, I guess?

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